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Good Coffee In Vienna

Shockingly enough, it’s hard to get good coffee in Vienna. The purveyors are arranged by district. Please leave your comments, any disagreements, and recommendations. Reviews scale: 1 shot (will do nicely), 2 shots (a fine coffee), 3 shots (fine coffee plus good atmosphere or great coffee plus poor environment), 4 shots (great coffee, great atmosphere), 5 shots (the perfect place: cafe is perfect, coffee is beyond belief). Shots must be earned. The scores are not relative to Vienna. I am scoring these on a global basis. Therefore, for a place to earn 5 shots, it would have to be considered, in my opinion, among the finest cafes in the world. Note: please read the commentary attached to this page, as cafes are often changing their products, etc.

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I. Innere Stadt

  • Coffee TimeMultiple Locations : Michael Norris, Kiwi with a cause, writes: This establishment looked much more Starbucks-y than I would normally ever use; however, I was curious so I tried it out. The menu tried to pursuade me that their baristas train to make coffee for a year in South India (riiiiiight…that well known home of good coffee). Nevertheless, the melange I got was quite good, all things considered – not knock-your-socks-off good, but still one of the best I’ve had in Vienna so far. I could still feel it working its magic an hour later, so that says something. Maybe I’ll plan a trip to South India next… The editor adds: This is the best “to go” coffee in Vienna.
    Rating: 3.5 shots
  • Cafe DiglasWollzeile 10, 1010 Wien, Tel +43-(0)1-5125765 site: Word has it that the coffee here blows more nasty chimps than Curious George on ecstacy in the primate lab at the CDC. Our correspondent writes:

    To be precise, I had a “kleiner Schwarzer” (no milk) which tasted like bitter cardboard that had been dissolved in too much water. Unfortunately, I added sugar before tasting it, so it tasted like sweet bitter cardboard that had been dissolved in too much water. The worst thing about it was that I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for hours afterwards, no matter what I ate or drank.

    Revolting. No shots.

  • Julius MeinlAm Graben 19, 1010 Wien, Tel +43 (0)1 532 33 34 6300 site: I have a soft spot for Meinl. I just love the company’s semi-racist little logo and its super premium gourmet attitude. I know for sure that their beans can be okay and, especially for grocery store level, are often the better options on the shelf. The outdoor cafe, with its tightly packed-in, uncomfortable tables overcomes its utter unpleasant service and miserably cramped quarters with a view that features some of the most unfortunate victims of spendy trends in all of Vienna. That, in itself, is reason enough to hang out here. The coffee is often old by the time you get it, but I hold hope in my heart that it was, at one time, a better-than-average little drink. Score: One (charitable) Shot

II. Leopoldstadt

III. Landstrasse

  • RochusLandstraßer Hauptstraße 55, 1030 Wien, tupalo reviews: This is a decent cafe with fantastic outdoor seating and friendly staff. The food is a cut above normal cafe fair, with some items being lackluster and others being quite good. The coffee, in a switch from normal Vienna cafes, is not revolting. In fact, they froth the milk correctly hear but pour weak shots. That being said, they don’t taste terrible and you will get worse coffee at 98% of all other Viennese establishments. 3 Shots

  • IV. Wieden

    V. Margareten

    VI. Mariahilf

    • Mocca Club Linke Wien Zeile 4, 1060 Wien, Tel: +43-(0)1-587 00 87 site: Not only does this cafe feel comfortable and look great, it also features some of the best coffee to be had in Vienna—if not the best. Featuring ultra premium espresso blends, more single origin and premium beans than one can count, and (usually) excellent barrista technique, this cafe’s products are far superior to even the finest Vienna has to offer. In addition to excellent coffee, Mocca Club serves unbelievably decadent hot chocolate that one must mix oneself, premium teas, coffee beans for home use, candies and simple snack foods. Meals are a miss, and brunch is only worth the money if you plan on lingering for a long time. Service is very good and friendly and the location, on Vienna’s famous Naschmarkt, makes it a great place for all Viennese and visitors to enjoy on occasion. English is widely spoken without attitude here, so it is foreigner friendly. Drink quality is a bit too variable, but you’ll rarely get something not worth the effort. Amenities: Comfortable, stylish Hawaiian cafe scene, excellent coffee, chocolates and teas, wifi. Score: 4 Shots. 3 shots A Halfass Golden Crema Crown Pick! UPDATE: The Mocca Club is closed! Tragedy. UPDATE (AGAIN): Word is that Mocca Club is once again open! Victory. UPDATE (AGAIN): Mocca Club is suffering from ownership/management changes and quality issues. Use caution, as the place is in danger of losing its remaining shots.

    VII. Neubau

    • AudiamoKaiserstraße 70, 1070 site: A very mellow place selling audiobooks and whatnot on Vienna’s up-and-coming Kaiserstraße. The selection of audiobooks is quite good (in German) and the vibe is just so relentlessly mellow that I can’t help but feel chilled out here. Now, for the best part: they offer somewhat decent to go coffees in Portland-style white paper cups w/ affixed logo stickers. Great news for strolling shoppers heading of to the organic market or the nice new chocolate store.Score: 1 shot
    • Cafe Wirr : Very average coffee for Vienna, which means pretty lousy. The brunch is a wonderful buffet and the vibe, atmosphere and staff here make it a fine place. Still, on occasion, you may get a decent coffee here.Score: 1 shot.
    • Cafe & Galerie Kandinsky Lerchenfelderstr. 13/im Hof, Vienna, A-1070 Phone: +43 1 3153118 : This is a tiny cafe located in the courtyard of a building—so you have to really look for it. However, a trip into this courtyard is well worth your time. Near this cafe is a baker who mills his own flour and bakes fresh goods six days per week. The Cafe Kandinsky is comfortable and very friendly. The espresso drinks are of good quality although, as is typical in Vienna, the roasts have gone a bit stale in most cases. However, the blend compensates well and coffee drinks come out tasting quite delicious. In nice weather, the owner puts some tables out in the courtyard for a really great drink experience. The cafe environment would not be to everybody’s likink—it’s very small, cramped and haphazard. However, I find it very quaint. The owner is focused on quality and comfort—not volume and style—and it shows. Inconsistent output and poor milk performance have been reported, resulting in a 1/2 shot reduction in the score. Amenities: good cafe, art, no smoking! wifi. Score: 2.5 Shots.
    • Kefa Fair+Mehr Neubagasse 55, 1070 Wien : This small “fair trade” shop has a tiny little espresso machine and the shop owner will crank out a “to go” coffee drink for you from his small selection of fairly traded beans. The shots were smooth and well-rounded and the milk was frothed to an acceptable level. Service was casual and friendly. Definitely the best “to go” option on Neubaugasse and I would definitely seek this place out before hitting Starbucks! Amenities: to go drinks, fair trade shop. Score: 2 Shots.
    • Cafe Latte Neubaugasse 39, 1070 Wien t:01 / 5235509 : Our correspondent writes: Slightly better coffee. Foam was a little more consistent and less like soap suds than I’m used to. Coffee was still weak and stale, though, though ever so slightly better than Wirr. Score: 1.5 shots.
    • Cafe Wirr Burggasse 70, 1070 Wien : Very average coffee for Vienna, which means pretty lousy. The brunch is a wonderful buffet and the vibe, atmosphere and staff here make it a fine place. | website | Score: 1 shot.

    VIII. Josefstadt

    • Alt Wien Coffee Josefstädterstraße : Review by Michael Norris: My expectations were high in that this seemed like a small, exclusively coffee-focused establishment, with young baristas. However, the melange I had was disappointing. The coffee was a bit bitter or burnt even, and froth was still too bubbly. Still I’ve had worse. Rating: Two shots

    IX. Alsergrund

    X. Favoriten

    XI. Simmering

    XII. Meidling

    XIII. Hietzing

    • Gloriette Schönbrunner Schlossstraße behind the palace, 1130 Wien , Tel: 879 13 11-239 : Despite the majestic (literally) room and stunning, regal view, this place pumps out bottom-of-the-ashtray level coffee that is only slightly more disappointing than it is nauseating. Grumpy service is an extra punch in the gut in case you haven’t thrown up yet. Score: no shots

    XIV. Penzing

    XV. Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus

    XVI. Ottakring

    XVII. Hernals

    XVIII. Währing

    XIX. Döbling

    XX. Brigettenau

    XXI. Floridsdorf

    XXII. Donaustadt

    XXIII. Liesing